Join our ESG labelling panel webinar – 14th December

Do you think the FCA’s planned sustainability labels will help wipe out greenwashing once and for all?

Webinar: Wednesday 14th December, 2pm.

Join our expert panel discussing the likely impacts of the FCA’s proposed new rules on Sustainable Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and Investment Labels. Our lively discussion will draw from opinions across the industry to understand how the new labels will help wipe out greenwashing and the impact the new rules might have on the ESG market as a whole. Our in-house ESG experts Joanne Rigby and Mike Dowsett will be joined by:

• The founder of ESG IFA practice Good Green Money, Haydon Waldek
• Head of Advisory Business Development at EdenTree, Adam Kelly
• Head of Impact Investing at M&G Investments, Ben Constable-Maxwell

Join our webinar to:

1. Gain a better understanding of the new SDR and Investment Label requirements
2. Understand the impact that it will have on greenwashing
3. Recognise challenges involved
4. Gain insight on what different providers will need to consider when implementing the proposed new rules

CPD – 1 hour structured (CII accredited).

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