Why we created ESG Compass

Our world is changing.

Investors are increasingly waking up to the positive impact their money can have on the future. As a financial adviser, your role in this is vital, giving you the opportunity to make a positive impact by channelling money into ESG options that match your clients’ values.

To make sure more of this money is invested sustainably, financial advisers need to be confident that they can make informed ESG decisions and ensure fair client outcomes.

However, with issues such as greenwashing, advisers suffering from data overload, and propositions having varying approaches, ESG remains a complex and challenging market to navigate.

That’s why we created ESG Compass – to give advisers such as you accurate, detailed research you can trust on the leading ESG propositions.

What is ESG Compass?

ESG Compass houses in-depth due diligence on the leading propositions in the ESG market. Our industry professionals conduct regular research on funds, managed portfolio services, and mortgages, providing you with the facts and expert opinion you need to enhance your research process.

Located on an easy-to-use digital platform, you can search and filter ESG propositions, including investment & ESG style and product type and cost – regularly reviewed and updated, our research enables you to quickly and easily navigate the ESG market.

Our research

Our suite of leading ESG funds, mortgages, and managed portfolio services is subject to comprehensive due diligence and regular re-evaluation.

All research is conducted by the Tenet Research Hub – a team of industry specialists with vast experience supporting advisers with product research, provider due diligence, and constructing product and fund panels.

In addition to our comprehensive due diligence, we take into consideration many other factors, including a provider’s financial strength, the experience and qualifications of its management team, charges, investment performance, ESG objectives & screening methodology, data sources used to conduct screening, and provider reporting, as well as benchmarking against ESG objectives.

Why choose ESG Compass?

Make confident ESG choices for your clients:


Cut through ESG complexity with all the information you need on ESG propositions.


Get the professional reassurance you need to advise with confidence.


Finding the right solution is quick and easy with our digital platform.

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