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What is ESG Compass?

Investors are increasingly focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. And as a financial adviser, you play a key role in connecting investors with quality ESG propositions that meet their specific values.

However, the ESG market is challenging for you and your clients to navigate.

You need confidence that the ESG solutions you choose match your clients’ unique needs – a confidence that can only be delivered through in-depth research and due diligence on the funds, managed portfolio services, and mortgages you’re recommending.

ESG Compass gives you this confidence. With regularly updated in-depth due diligence on the leading market propositions, provided on an easy-to-search digital platform, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re giving your clients the very best, most suitable advice for them.

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"I work exclusively with clients who want their investments to be invested responsibly, whilst still being right for their personal needs. Having access to ESG Compass helps my business sift through the world of ESG funds to help objectively identify which ones are really fit for purpose. The mix of filtered quantitative data alongside qualitative, independent commentary makes it a very useful tool."

Haydon Waldek Good Green Money