Who we are

ESG Compass has been developed by the Tenet Group, a multi-award-winning financial adviser support group.

For over 30 years, we have provided financial advisers with peace of mind and the support they need to give their clients quality financial advice. Always proactive, we are focused on ensuring independent financial advisers can succeed in this rapidly changing industry.

We developed ESG Compass in response to increasing investor focus on ESG, to bring clarity and guidance to what remains a complex market, and to meet the growing desire of financial advisers to have a positive impact on our future world.

The ESG proposition research underpinning the platform is performed by the Tenet Group’s in-house research team, the Tenet Research Hub, a group of industry specialists with extensive experience of supporting advisers with product research and provider due diligence, as well as constructing product and fund panels.

Why trust Tenet Group?

We’re the UK’s leading independent financial support group.


We support over 1,000 advisers provide quality advice every day so understand their processes and challenges.


We have over 30 years of expertise in financial services propositions and markets.

ESG Focus

We have researched hundreds of propositions, giving us comprehensive ESG knowledge.

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