ESG Fund Factsheet

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Sarasin & Partners Responsible Global Equity

Classification: Sustainable
Management style: Active


The Sarasin Responsible Global Equity fund takes an active thematic approach and is designed to be a core global holding for an investor who wishes to have a ‘sustainable’ portfolio.

Fund Objective:

The Fund seeks to provide growth (through increases in investment value and income) over a rolling five-year period through investment in the shares of companies from across the world, favouring organisations that fulfil an environmentally or socially beneficial role and that employ high standards of governance.

Name Launch Date IA Sector Portfolio OCF* Fund Size (m)
Sarasin Responsible Global Equity 15/10/2012 Global 0.95% £348.7*

About Sarasin & Partners

Sarasin take a global, thematic approach to investment, finding opportunities within the powerful themes shaping the world of tomorrow. They believe that responsible companies make better investments. That’s why they embed stewardship into their investment process.

Their global, thematic approach to investment is underpinned by sustainability, because they believe that investment has the power to grow and protect wealth in a way that benefits society.

They invest on behalf of charities, individuals, intermediaries and institutions. For more than 35 years, investors from around the world have trusted them with managing their assets, which now amount to £18 billion*.

* As at 30 September 2022.

Investment Process

  1. A forward-looking, long-term philosophy

Our thematic philosophy has been at the heart of our process for over 15 years. At present the fund is tapping into enduring megathemes such as digitalisation, automation, climate change, ageing and evolving consumption

  1. A portfolio that sets higher standards

We seek to avoid companies out of balance with societal needs, and have concerns about the legacy companies leave for the next generation. The strategy goes beyond an exclusions approach to consider carefully a number of key policies on ESG issues.

  1. A high-conviction portfolio

Our global thematic stock selection process delivers a high level of conviction at the company level. Portfolio construction is based on this conviction – it is not driven by a benchmark.

Investment Performance

The funds benchmark is the MSCI AC World Daily index. It has underperformed the index over 1, 3 and 5 years. However the fund has outperformed it’s sector peers over 3 and 5 years

Source fund factsheet, 30th September 2022

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Platform availability

The funds are available on the following platforms:

Abrdn Wrap M&G Wealth
Abrdn Elevate Fidelity
Advance by Embark Aegon
Aviva Interactive Investor
James Hay Novia
Nucleus Quilter

Exclusion Policies

The fund has exclusions under the following areas:

Cluster Bombs Landmines
Armaments Gambling
Tobacco Civilian Firearms
Adult Entertainment Alcohol
Predatory Lending Fossil Fuels

It is important however to consult the funds literature for the specifics of these exclusions to ensure they meet the customers objectives, as there are varying percentage limits of revenue for each area that a company can receive and still be included.

Supporting documents

Tenet Opinion

The fund has a detailed list of exclusions which will meet the requirements of a range of clients who wish to exclude certain areas from their portfolios on ethical grounds. It is important however to consult the fund literature for the specifics around these exclusions to ensure how they are applied is acceptable to the client.

Although the fund states that it takes a thematic approach favouring companies that fulfil an environmentally or socially beneficial role, the specific positive themes applied are not discussed in depth. This means the fund may be less easy to match to a client looking for there portfolio to apply positive screens in certain areas.

Although the fund has underperformed it’s benchmark, the benchmark used does not have any sustainable investment restrictions applied whereas the fund does. This will mean the funds performance is affected by investment biases that don’t apply to the benchmark.

Information approved for Professional Adviser use only and should not be relied upon by private investors (this is not for Retail Clients).