ESG Fund Factsheet

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Henderson Global Sustainable Equity

Classification: Sustainable
Management style: Active


The Fund aims to provide capital growth over the long term (5 years or more). The Fund invests at least 80% of its assets in shares of companies, of any size, in any industry, in any country. The Fund will invest in companies whose products and services are considered by the investment manager as contributing to positive environmental or social change and thereby have an impact on the development of a sustainable global economy. The Fund will avoid investing in companies that the investment manager considers to potentially have a negative impact on the development of a sustainable global economy.

*As at 30/09/2022

Name Launch Date IA Sector Portfolio OCF* Fund Size (m)
Henderson Global Sustainable Equity 19/07/2012 Global 0.85% £1,744.2*

About Janus Henderson

Janus Henderson is a global asset manager with more than 348 investment professionals and expertise across all major asset classes. Our individual, intermediary and institutional clients span the globe and entrust us with more than £246bn of their assets*. Our commitment to active management offers clients the opportunity to outperform passive strategies over the course of market cycles. Through times of both market calm and growing uncertainty, our managers apply their experience weighing risk versus reward potential – seeking to ensure clients are on the right side of change.

*Source: Janus Henderson Investors. Staff and AUM data as at 30 September 2022. AUM data excludes Exchange-Traded Note (‘ETN’) assets.

ESG Process

Henderson see four key elements to an investment approach based on sustainability. Often there are conflicts between environmental and social sustainability, and their approach seeks to address this by using both positive and negative (avoidance) investment criteria and considering both the products and operations of a business. They believe company engagement and active portfolio management are essential features of any true sustainable investment strategy.

The four pillars of the strategy are:

  1. Positive impact: Ten sustainable development themes guide idea generation and identify long-term investment opportunities.

2. Do no harm: Strict avoidance criteria are adopted. We will not invest in activities that contribute to environmental and social harm. This also helps us avoid investing in industries most likely to be disrupted.

3. ‘Triple bottom line’ framework: Fundamental research evaluates how companies focus on profit, people and the planet.

4. Active portfolio and engagement: Collaborative, collective and continuous engagement are key aspects of the process to construct a differentiated portfolio with a typically high active share (>90%).

Investment Performance

The funds benchmark is the MSCI World Index. It has underperformed both it’s benchmark and sector peers over 1 year, however outperformed both over 3 and 5 years.

Source fund factsheet, 30th September 2022

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Exclusion Policies

The fund has a range of negative screening criteria applying which means certain stocks are excluded from being eligible for the portfolio. The negative screening criteria includes:

Countries With Applicable Sanctions Oppressive Regimes
Companies with Poor Tax Avoidance Records Companies on the Norges Bank’s Observation and Exclusion List

Platform availability

The fund is available on the following platforms:

Abrdn Wrap M&G Wealth
Abrdn Elevate Fidelity
Advance by Embark Aegon
Aviva Interactive Investor
James Hay Novia
Nucleus Quilter

Supporting documents

Tenet Opinion

The fund has, as is common with sustainable funds, a strong alignment with the UN Sustainable Development goals. This covers a range of themes that should meet the aims and ethical views of a variety of clients.

The fund also includes a range of negative screening criteria, however it’s important that the fund literature is consulted to ensure how these are applied meets the clients objectives appropriately.

Information approved for Professional Adviser use only and should not be relied upon by private investors (this is not for Retail Clients).